Pros And Cons Of An Oil-to-Gas Heating Conversion

by Editorial Team | October 31st, 2015 | Cooking Basics

rsz_file3331245069991Are you planning on shifting your heating system from oil to gas? Read up on the following pros and cons to help you decide on the matter. Ask competent HVAC contractors for assistance if you are committed to push through.


1. Reliable Delivery

Gas can be delivered to your home quickly and reliably through an established network of underground pipes. You will never have to worry about supply. On the other hand, oil delivery can hit a snag during severe weather since they are moved around using trucks.

2. Eco-friendly

Gas is more eco-friendly than other types of fossil fuels. You can be assured that the emissions produced by burning gas are minimal. There is almost no dust created from the process that could pollute the air around the house. The family need not be bothered by unpleasant odors coming from the storage tank and the heater unlike the case with oil.

3. No Fuss Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze when using gas. You only have to change the air filter once or twice a year and you’re good to go. There are no permit or storage issues to worry about. The system does not have to be cleaned or undergo periodic inspection. In comparison, oil takes up lots of valuable basement space and racks up higher maintenance figures.


1. Costly Conversion

Converting your heating system from oil to gas can be an expensive project. However, the benefits typically outweigh this initial expense which is why so many homes find the change worth the trouble.

2. Safety Concerns

The volatility of gas has always been used by oil installers to convince people to use their system. Just remember that modern gas heating equipment have numerous safety features to prevent any disaster. Note also that you have just as much risk if your neighbors are using gas and oil has its own dangers including leaks that have condemned countless properties.

3. Strict Regulation

Oil prices are determined by the market, fluctuating with the current supply and demand. Natural gas guidelines and prices are more strictly regulated by the authorities at all levels of government.

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