PureBread Deli, Greenville, DE

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | April 28th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

While on vacation in Maryland, we headed up to Delaware to check out the Natural History Museum. The museum was a hit on a chilly rainy day. Leaving the museum was an unpleasant end to the trip, as the miserable weather brought a chill to me. To bring some warmth back, a cup of coffee seemed like a great idea.

Driving on the Kennett Pike, neither my fiance or I were familiar with the area, so we searched roadside malls for a coffee shop. Luckily, we saw PureBread Deli. Entering the deli, I noticed a large menu posted above a counter that contained a variety of baked goods. All looked quite delicious.

Having eaten lunch only 3 hours earlier, there was no need to sample their Best-in-Show (signature sandwiches) or a bagel creation, such as the Doberman. With two of the four kids with us, I did need to bring a treat for them.

Viewing the bakery case, a fudgy chocolate brownie seemed to be the best bet. The brownies were enormous; each brownie was equal to two servings. The children said that they were delicious!

As for the adults, I ordered a large coffee for each of us. At the coffee counter, there were more than a dozen coffees from which to choose. I got butter pecan for me and vanilla nut for my dear. Both of us decided that the coffees were deliciously flavored.

Beyond enjoying the tastes of our snack and drinks, I also enjoyed the prices. For 1 huge brownie and 2 large coffees, I paid only 5 dollars. Yep, you read that correctly, $5.00!

Unfortunately, today was our last day on vacation. I am eager to return to this area – not only for a vacation but to try more of PureBread’s menu.

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