Recipe: Snack Turkeys

by Jane Wangersky | November 19th, 2015 | Party Snacks, Recipes

snack turkeyHad enough Thanksgiving turkey? It’s not over yet, and I’m not talking about the leftovers (that’s another article). But these tiny snacks only look like turkeys, and, to be honest, not very much. What they taste like is several favorite snack foods — crackers, cheese, nuts, and raw vegetables — all at once. They’d be great to eat while you watch a game on Thanksgiving, or as a project for elementary age children to make while dinner is cooking. The kids could even make one for each person at the table and leave it by their plate as an appetizer. Just as long as they don’t get discouraged if they don’t get the hang of making these right away. I wrecked a few myself creating this recipe!

Also, these snacks can’t take much handling after they’re assembled. And they should be eaten fairly soon, before the tomato pieces turn the crackers soggy.

This all started with a sweet version made out of sandwich cookies and candy corn, which formed part of my son’s art work back when we were home schooling (not that we were trying to unduly influence the marker or anything . . . ). I’d credit that recipe if I could, but it’s now lost among thousands of articles, pins, etc., that show how many ways you can make other foods look something like a turkey. The candy corn made excellent tail feathers, it was easy to stick into the cooking filling, and I was just sorry I couldn’t find something the right size and color to make feathers for this turkey. For a moment, I thought of a tiny frill of red lettuce, then reflected that it’s not really red. If you can think of anything that would work, please share in the comments!

If you don’t want to use Ritz Bits, mini rice cakes would work, with cream cheese for a filling. Anything bigger, and you’ll have to start using something else for the turkey body. Maybe even a piece of actual turkey.

Snack Turkeys

Bite-size “turkeys” made of Ritz Bits


  1. Ritz Bits
  2. Cherry tomatoes
  3. Roasted peanuts (BBQ are a good color)
  1. Carefully separate two halves of one cracker.
  2. Stand another (whole) cracker on edge, slightly off center, on the half that has the filling.
  3. Put half a peanut in front of the standing cracker, long side against the “wall.”
  4. Cut a cherry tomato into about 8 pieces triangular pieces.
  5. Stand one piece, on the base of the triangle, in front of the peanut.
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