Restaurant Review: Silver Spring Mining Company, Bel Air, MD

by TK | January 18th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

Often on Tasty Thoughts we review and talk about “fine” dining — fancy restaurants, exquisitely presented foods accompanied by quenching drinks. But we believe that food and eating is all about serving great tasting food in the right setting. On a trip down to Maryland, we experienced exactly that in the Silver Spring Mining Company in Bel Air, a family restaurant that offers unique menu items at extremely reasonable prices.

Nearly famished, two of my children and I visited Silver Spring Mining Company last week. I had visited before, but this was the first trip for both of my kids. My plan was two-fold: I wanted to get their superb Sour Beef and Dumplings and I wanted my kids to experience their famous Crab Pretzel.

We were escorted to the rustic-motif dining room and settled ourselves into a comfortable and spacious booth. A friendly waitress, Sally, came over within a few minutes to take our drink order, let us know that there was a special on ribs tonight, and that it was the best deal in the house. Suddenly, my food choice had changed… the kids and I were on a mission for ribs!

Before all of my plans went out the window, I ordered the Crab Pretzel. Sally returned with our drinks (water for me and Sprite for both kids), and she was ready for our main course order. Both kids decided on the kid’s barbecue ribs with French fries, and I went with the Honey Bourbon Baby Back Ribs. Sally left to put our order in and returned within a few minutes with our Maryland Crab Pretzel. They describe the appetizer as, “Imagine a ballpark pretzel oozing with Silver Spring crab dip and topped with Cheddar Jack cheeses, then baked in the oven.”  Well, I am here to tell you that it should just be described as heavenly.    It is a perfect combination of cheesy, gooey, tasty, warm satisfaction. 

The kids and I ate about three-fourths of the HUGE dish (imagine the largest soft pretzel you have ever seen smothered in crab meat and melted cheese), and then our ribs arrived.  I had ordered a baked sweet potato and coleslaw as sides for my meal.  The sweet potato came with a fantastic honey cinnamon butter that I put inside the potato so it could start to melt.  With that done, I dove into my ribs!  They were amazingly tender and completely falling off the bone!  They had a dry rub on them and then were covered in a delightful tangy and sweet sauce.  My fingers were covered in the sauce as soon I began devouring the ribs.  I took a quick bite of the coleslaw, and it was a perfect compliment to the rib sauce — creamy and not too mustardy or full of vinegar.  Before I knew it, the kids had devoured their ribs as well and were working on the fries.

We were able to eat every last bit of the ribs and most of our sides, and Sally returned to give us our check.  To my surprise the total meal was only $35 (with tip).  It was an excellent, feel-good family meal at that price.  If you, your friends, and family want to have a great, filling meal, don’t pass the opportunity to visit the Silver Spring Mining Company in Maryland.

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