Restaurant Review: Strangebrew Tavern, Manchester, NH

by J Frazzetta | July 1st, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

If you happened to have read my recent posts about beer reviews on our sister site, Parched No More, I mention a spot in Manchester I frequent to do my taste testing. Strangebrew Tavern, located at 88 Market Street, is a great spot to test some new beers and enjoy a fun night in the heart of downtown Manchester.

Boasting a tap list of over 60 beers, The Brew has the largest selection of beers in New Hampshire. The taps consist of craft-brewed beers and your assortment of Belgium, German, English and Irish beers. Nowhere on the beer menu will you find Budweiser or Miller on tap. You can have it in a bottle, but trust me when I say you’ll get evil glances from folks around you if you order one.

If you want more than a beer the food alone would be worth the trip. Appetizers like: Fried Pickle Chips, a Beer Cheese Platter, Buffalo Wings, or a Hummus Plate don’t sound like standard pub fare, but Strangebrew is better than your standard pub. Besides burgers and sandwiches, they offer salads, a weekend Prime Rib special, a selection of beer-battered fish, steak tips and a real meaning to soup du jour. There is certainly something for everyone’s taste at Strangebrew.

Besides food and beer, around 8:30 most nights, you can catch some great live local music from funk to blues depending on the night. Strangebrew offers nightly food and beer specials. Most notably: $2 Tuesdays when all beers are $2 a pint or bottle. I do my best taste testing on Tuesdays, since I don’t have to break the bank.

For some more research on this gem of a place, visit Strangebrew for a complete list of promos, beers, menu and directions. Maybe I’ll see you some Tuesday.

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  2. Tom says:

    My friends and I go there almost every wednesday for the 4 burgers, which taste great!! We love going there. But last week was busy, and the service staff fell apart. Its a shame since the food was still good. We were seated and waited 20 minute for the idiot waiter to take our order. Then waited 1 hour 1 minutes for the food, this was 7 burgers. The manager offered free round of drinks, that was just an insult. What pissed us off was how poorly the manager and wait staff handled this whole situation. while i can understand the waiter is at the mercy of the cooks, there was no reason to talk back to us, maybe he was trying to be funny but when you have 7 pissed off people its not the time. The manager should have at least come over and apologized and gave us the meal for free. Once we complained the manager was no where to be found. too bad it was a nice place to go each week.

  3. […] of the other bands playing.  This was just as well since my buddy and I grilled and hung out at Strangebrew to kill some time.  We got to the show a little early to see a few of other bands and I’m glad […]

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