Restaurant Review: Takumi, Nashua, NH

by TK | July 3rd, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

People that know me, know that I love sushi. I have been known to eat it 5 and 6 days per week. And in the southern New Hampshire area, Takumi Japanese Restaurant is one of the best in the area. On a weekday of running errands with my son, JP, I decided to take him for a treat of lunchtime sushi.

I had been to Takumi for dinner and evening drinks many times. They offer sushi and Japanese hibachi style meals. They also have a large lounge that makes for a decent meeting place to watch a game and have a drink. But this was my first try for them for lunch.

Not realizing it until we entered, Takumi offers a buffet for lunch. JP and I went over and took a look at the buffet before we made our decision to stay or go. In my book Asian buffets are where you go when you are 79 years old and are looking for the early bird special. But this one looked pretty good so we decided to give it a whirl. The buffet was filled with Japanese and Chinese dishes, like fried rice, lo mein, and steamed dumplings. But a few of the standouts were the shrimp tempura and chicken tempura. The sushi offerings were a little light with only California Maki on the buffet.

JP and I sampled everything (I know that is no surprise) and found it to be tasty and one of the better Asian buffets I have tried. In addition to the buffet items, we each got to choose a mini main course. I chose chicken teriyaki, and JP had salmon teriyaki. A side salad and miso soup also came with the meal.

All in all, we were in and out of the place in 35 minutes and were stuffed to the gills with a very respectable assortment of Asian foods. For two of us and a total bill of $25, it felt like a very good value.

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