Review: Aux Meilleures Crêpes de Paris

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 18th, 2010 | Restaurant Reviews

Paris crepeAs we spent every day of our Paris vacation exploring the city on foot, it was not surprising that twice during our trip we ate a meal while continuing with our excursion.  Our second day in Paris, we did just that, grabbing lunch at a take-out crêpe stand near our hotel.  As we headed out late morning on this day, we wanted something to eat that wouldn’t take any time out of our viewing of Paris.  Luckily, less than a quarter of a mile from our hotel, and in the direction we were headed, were two crêpe stands.  With the name  Aux Meilleures Crêpes de Paris (The Best Crêpes in Paris), how could this not be our best choice?

The assortment of fillings available were overwhelming.  Divided into sweet and savory, each type had at least ten different combinations.  Of course, being Paris, there were plenty of Nutella-filled variations, but neither of us enjoys chocolate much.  Being lunchtime, both of us were craving something similar to a lunch dish that would be savory.

My husband chose the Bolognese & Fromage crêpe.  While we had been debating our orders, the cook had started preparing one crêpe, by pouring batter into the crêpe pan.  The cook obviously had good timing, as the crêpe was ready to be flipped moments after we placed our order.  A huge ladleful of bolognese was spread over half the crêpe and topped with a generous portion of shredded cheese.  Although the cook was able to fold it in half, its size made it difficult to roll into a cone.  The portion of sauce and cheese was astounding!

I chose the Jambon & Fromage crêpe.  Again there were generous portions of both ham and cheese.  However, it wasn’t quite as full as my husband’s, allowing the cook to roll my crêpe into a cone.

With piping hot crêpes in hand, we continued on our day’s journey.  Within a tenth of a mile, we discovered that it might be easier to stand and eat these crêpes, as my husband’s crêpe was overflowing with sauce.  Both of our crêpes had so much cheese that each bite produced stretchy strands of gooey-ness.  (Not that I am complaining!)

While it did slow our journey by 10 minutes or so, it was well worth with the stop.  All of the fillings were tasty, and the crêpes were tender, albeit thicker than I am used to.  While my husband managed to eat his entire crêpe, mine was more than I could handle.  Even though I only was able to eat about half of it, I found every bite of it to be quite delightful.

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