Review: Cafe Soulstice, San Mateo, CA

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 24th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

In California on a business trip this week, I had a lunch meeting scheduled for Tuesday.  Not being from the area, I asked my lunch partner to choose a restaurant, and she suggested Cafe Soulstice.  With two locations (both situated within Equinox Fitness Clubs), we opted to meet in San Mateo.

Previewing the menu online, I learned that the menu consisted of gourmet raw items.  I enjoy a wide variety of foods but had never eaten at a restaurant such as this previously.  I was excited to sample a different style of food.  Also, being a fairly health-conscious eater, I was intrigued by the offerings, as all items are organic and vegan.

Meeting my lunch partner at 1:00, I was quite ready for lunch.  Though I had eaten breakfast at a normal time for the west coast, my stomach was a little confused as to why lunch was delayed.  Rereading the menu, I chose my dish, Soft Tacos, and my companion chose the Kale Quinoa Toss.  Although there were tempting smoothies and shakes on the menu, I knew I would not have enough appetite to have one as a beverage.

When most people think of soft tacos, they envision flour tortillas laden with meat or fish and topped with cheese.  Mine were nothing like that.   I was served 2 tacos, made with romaine leaves for tortillas and  topped with sunflower “beans”, guacamole, salsa fresca, cashew sour cream, diced olives, bell pepper, and cilantro.  They were absolutely delicious!  In addition to being unbelievable tasty, they were very healthy- the sort of meal that makes you feel great about what you have eaten.

My partner’s lunch also was enjoyable.  According to the menu, it consisted of “marinated kale salad, steamed bolivian quinoa, avocado, bell pepper, black sesame, and caesar dressing”.  This dish was appealing in presentation as well as taste.

While I don’t travel to California all that frequently, I plan to make Cafe Soulstice a lunch stop the next time I am in the area.  It is not often that one gets such a delicious lunch that is also good for your health.

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