Review: Crystal Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | December 3rd, 2009 | Restaurant Reviews

We celebrated Thanksgiving in a different manner this year.  Renting a townhouse at the beach in Delaware, we were going to host dinner for our family and one set of grandparents.  As it was an eight-hour drive to our rental, we left grocery shopping until the day before Thanksgiving.  Fearing a huge crowd at the grocery store, we headed out early, only to be pleasantly surprised by a lack of shoppers.  With an overflowing grocery cart and four hungry stomachs, I asked our cashier, Brenda, to recommend a local breakfast place.  After our visit to Crystal Restaurant, I was very glad I had asked instead of searching blindly.

Crystal Restaurant had a wonderful home-style feel to it, and from overheard conversations, it seemed that many of the diners were regulars.  With the food and service that we experienced, I could understand why so many people were familiar with the place.  Studying a new to us menu, we needed a moment to check out our options, so we ordered 2 coffees and 2 hot cocoas and began making decisions.

Our daughter chose 2 slices of French toast with a side of bacon.  When her plate arrived, she was surprised at the size of the French toast.  Made Texas-style, the slices were quite thick, and she found herself to be full after eating only one slice.  My husband gladly enjoyed her second slice.  The bacon was well-cooked and crunchy, which is exactly how she likes her bacon.

Our son order the crab benedict, a true treat for him.  Whenever we visit the mid-Atlantic region he seeks out crab dishes and was delighted with this offering.  Served on an English muffin, the crab overflowed both halves and covered most of his large plate, so that he had plenty of crab to savor.

My husband ordered the chipped beef and biscuits after verifying that it was homemade.  Again there was a generous portion of this dish.  The thinly sliced beef was combined with a creamy white sauce that was devoured quite quickly.  He also ordered a side of their home fries, which he and the kids enjoyed.  Served in what I would consider more of a hash brown style (as the potatoes were shredded), they were well received.

I ordered an omelet made to order that was filled with sausage, mushrooms, onions, and swiss cheese.  Listed as a four egg omelet, it was yet another dish that was enormous.  Although I was hungry, there was plenty left to share with my dining companions.  The fluffy eggs contained a generous amount of all fillings.  Served with a side of toast, it was delicious.

All of our dishes were served promptly and hot.  Our coffee cups were kept filled, and our server was attentive to our needs.

Although we don’t visit that area often, I imagine we will make it a destination on any future trips.

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