Review: Janie’s Uncommon Cafe, Londonderry, NH

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 23rd, 2009 | Restaurant Reviews

On a Saturday morning with no children at home, my husband and I decided to go out for breakfast before engaging in a day of shopping.  Leaving our house around 9:30, we were pretty hungry, so we wanted to eat before we started any of our errands.  This made choosing a restaurant easier, as we only considered restaurants located on the way to our first stop in Londonderry.

Luckily for us, we discovered a new restaurant in the Londonderry Commons.  Apparently, others had discovered Janie’s Uncommon Café, as all of the tables were full when we arrived.  However, the staff was very efficient and quickly cleaned and reset tables as parties left, and we were seated within 10 minutes.

Our server, Kate, was very friendly and greeted us within a minute of our arrival at our table.  A nice feature at this restaurant is that they offer regular, flavored, and decaf coffee.  Upon Kate’s offer of coffee, each of us requested a cup of Amaretto Coffee with milk on the side.  This was delivered promptly with the milk stored in a cute cow creamer.  Kate offered to take our order, but with a fairly large menu, we needed more time.

While there was nothing amazingly unique about the offerings, there were many choices.  In addition to typical egg, toast, and meat plates, there were scrambles, omelets, benedicts, pancakes, french toast, waffles, and breakfast sandwiches.  After I saw that they had cinnamon-raisin bread, I decided to order an omelet, so I could have a slice or two of toast.  My husband decided to choose a more filling meal to give him sustenance for our day of shopping.

For my breakfast, I requested the Western Omelet but substituted mushrooms for the peppers.  This omelet was filled with ham, onions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.  However, the cheddar had no bite, so the omelet required a bit of seasoning via salt and pepper.  The home fries (I chose those over baked beans.) appeared to be freshly homemade.  The red-skinned potatoes mixed with diced onion were slightly crunchy and not greasy- perfectly cooked.  My cinnamon-raisin toast was flavorful but a bit on the burnt side, not enough to send back but enough to diminish my excitement for toast.

My husband’s Oh Boy Am I Hungry meal was quite a plate.  This dish contained two eggs (cooked exactly over easy), 2 pieces of cherry bacon, a ham slice, 2 sausage links, home fries, 2 pieces of wheat toast, and 2 pieces of french toast.  He found this breakfast to be tasty and well named.  Plus, this combination plate allowed him to sample a little bit of many of the café’s offerings.

Throughout our meal, Kate checked on our dining needs.  She timed her arrivals with the levels of our coffee cups perfectly.  Her presence was well-timed, enough so that we received refills and the bill at appropriate times but not so frequent as to be deemed bothersome.

Janie’s Uncommon Café serves a well-prepared breakfast and has a staff that makes customer service a priority.  We will be returning to sample their lunch menu in the near future.

  1. Mike & Lisa Arsenault says:

    I thought the food was OK, I especially did not like the owner or manager yelling at the employees. Basically this woman was a nutcase. This is not the time & place to be repremanding her employees. I know the place was busy but that is no excuse.

    Mike & Lisa
    Londonderry NH

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