Review: Miss Shirley’s Café, Baltimore, MD

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 26th, 2010 | Restaurant Reviews

I was in Baltimore for work recently and had the opportunity to meet several associates for a late morning breakfast.  Not being familiar with the area, I asked for a recommendation.  One member of the team suggested Miss Shirley’s, which received cheers of delight from the rest of the group. With such excitement from the locals, I decided to take a sneak peek at the restaurant via their website.  I must say, the menu was both amazing and overwhelmimg.

The service at Miss Shirley’s was excellent.  I arrived first and was seated promptly and offered a beverage.  With a cup of coffee, I waited in the booth for all of the other diners to arrive.  With each arrival, the waiter returned to the table within moments to take drink orders.  When everyone had arrived, the group assured me that we should start our dining with an order of Sweet Potato Fries.  They were crispy and perfectly salted, a nice start to our meal.  Served with  mango ketchup and citrus aioli, it was nice to experience different accessory flavors besides plain ketchup.

As I mentioned, the menu is enormous and consists of some unique items, such as french stuffed with pumpkin cheesecake and omelets filled with lump crab.  While I wanted something unique, many of the pancakes seemed too heavy with fillings and toppings, and I wasn’t sure about having shellfish (as much as I enjoy it) inside an omelet.  So, I chose a semi-tame option of an omelet filled with andouille sausage, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.  The omelet was well done, filled with a decent amount of spicy sausage, ripe tomatoes, and gooey cheese.  On the side there were potato and onion hash browns, which were fine- cooked well with a bit of crispiness but nothing unique about them.  Instead of being served with toast, the dish was served with a benne seed biscuit.  I would have enjoyed the biscuit more if it were served warm, but it was fine.  All in all, the best part of my meal was the omelet.

My dining companions chose an assortment of dishes.  Two of them ordered two eggs any style with bacon, which also came with hash browns and a biscuits.  Both of them enjoyed their meals.  A third diner ordered half of a chopped salad and a sandwich.  Again, that meal was enjoyable.  The meal that seemed to be the most impressive was the fourth diner’s.  She ordered the Chicken’n Waffles.  The chicken was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside.  The waffles were golden and the perfect base for the dish.  This diner raved about her meal.

Pricing at Miss Shirley’s is a bit more than one would expect for a breakfast.  With unique items on their menu, I see some justification for the pricing.  However, the hash browns and biscuits didn’t seem as above par as should be for such pricing.  Perhaps I don’t appreciate those two side dishes enough, but it seems each needed a little something to make them worthy of their pricetag.

For a unique breakfast (with a bit of a price tag), Miss Shirley’s is worth a visit.

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