Review: S&S Restaurant, Cambridge, MA

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 17th, 2009 | Restaurant Reviews

S&S Restaurant2There’s nothing quite like a walk through Cambridge on a beautiful fall morning. . .unless, of course, you packed the pair of shoes that always give your husband a blister when you were preparing for this surprise trip.  However, being the agreeable guy that he is, we made it a couple miles before we found a wonderful restaurant, where we stopped, had a great breakfast, and then took a cab to our next destination!

Thankfully, we did make it two miles, as S&S Restaurant was excellent, worthy of a sore foot or two.  Arriving there around 10:30 on a Sunday morning, there was a line of people waiting to be seated.  However, if we were willing to sit at the bar, there was immediate seating available.  As a party of two, that option worked for us.

Enjoying the luxury of a Sunday morning, we started our ordering with water and brunch cocktails.  My husband ordered a Bloody Mary, which had a nice amount of spiciness to it.  For myself, I chose a Strawberry Mimosa, which was a combination of champagne, strawberries, and orange juice.  A delicious start to our dining!

For me, ordering breakfast is always a debate between sweet and savory.  On this particular morning, I felt more of a pull for a sweet breakfast, so I chose the Pecan Raisin French Toast that was on that day’s specials menu.  I received five half-slices of thick cut raisin bread that were piping hot and topped with pecan halves.  Served with a side of fresh fruit and sausage links, it made for a filling and tasty breakfast.  The french toast was tender and sweet, which was balanced nicely by the sausage.  Plus, a little fresh fruit helped to convince me that this really was a healthy breakfast.

My husband was torn between choices.  They had whitefish on the menu, which we don’t see often, but they also had homemade corned beef hash, which is a perennial favorite for him.  So, rather than choosing, he ordered both.  The Smoked Whitefish was quite a platter.  Consisting of center cut whitefish, egg wedges, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, bagel and cream cheese, it was quite a sight to see. Even better, it was a delight for taste also.  The whitefish was tender and had a great smoky flavor.  With so many different items on the plate, you could create a cornucopia of combinations for topping your bagel.

With the arrival of this large breakfast, we were curious as to what the side order of Corned Beef Hash would be like.  Well, it was a very generous side order, to say the least.  For anyone that enjoys corned beef hash, this restaurant will remind you that the stuff you get out of the can (and is served at many restaurants) is a disservice to the name.  With large pieces of corned beef and potatoes, this side order was a wonderful addition to breakfast.

Even though the bar was a very busy place to be with a full counter and numerous drink orders being placed, our bartender/waitress was very attentive.  Our waters were kept filled, our meals were delivered promptly, and our check was provided in a timely manner.  A perfectly enjoyable breakfast!

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