Review: Unwine’d, Bedford, NH

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 9th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

My best friend and I made plans to go to dinner as a mini-celebration.  Not wanting to be rushed during our evening, we wanted a restaurant that would allow for that.  Having been to Unwine’d many times, I knew that they would allow us to dine at our own leisurely pace in a comfortable environment.

Arriving at 7 o’clock, the bar was almost empty, but the part of the restaurant that we could see from the host stand was nearly full.  Much to our delight, we were asked if a couch would be fine for our seating, and we gladly accepted the offer.

There are many unique features at Unwine’d.  One of these is the adjustable coffee tables.  Upon initial inspection, they appear to be regular height tables.  However, with a simple lift and pull on top of the coffee table, and the table is the perfect height and closeness for dining at the couch.

A second great feature is the bud vase and flower.  In addition to providing decoration to the table, this flower serves as your method of communication with your server.  If you want your server to come to your table, take the flower out of the vase.  Otherwise, leave the flower in the vase, and you can enjoy your dinner company without interruption.

Seated on the couch, my friend and I decided to review the martini menu, skipping the vast wine menu. Both of us were in the mood for a fruity concoction and chose a drink that had mango rum and Hypnotiq, among other ingredients.  Both of us found these to be delicious.

Debating whether to have entrees or share smaller dishes, we chose the latter.  We reasoned with a lighter dinner we would have room for dessert.  In retrospect, I would have chosen an additional small dish and skipped dessert.

Following our pattern of choosing the same item, we both ordered the Mixed Greens Salad and also the Assorted Cheese Plate.  The mixed green salad was tasty, a combination of mixed greens, apples, dried cherries, toasted almonds, strawberries, and gorgonzola served with a citrus vinaigrette.  The cheese tray had four cheeses, brie, gouda, bleu cheese, and an unknown.  The cheeses were served with crackers, bread, grapes, blueberries, and lightly salted nuts.  It was a great choice, allowing us to nibble and chat.

Although the foods and drinks were great, service was an issue during our visit.  Our waitress must have been very busy, as another server brought orders to tables for her.  While a different server delivering food isn’t a problem, not knowing where the food goes is.  This server was embarrassed several times during the evening, needing to ask many tables if the food which she held was theirs.  Additionally, when presented with our cheese tray, the cheeses were not described, as should be done.

Having saved room for dessert my friend and I scanned the dessert menu and, again, chose the same item, Multi-Berry Cobbler.  This dessert had a note that 15 minutes had to be allowed, so it could be served warm.  What a great note!  Arriving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that already had begun to melt  from the heat of the cobbler, I was excited to taste this treat.  Sadly, it was not what I had been imagining.  The berries were very tart, and the ratio of crust to fruit seemed to be a little crust heavy.

The drinks and dishes are well worth a trip to Unwine’d.  I will visit again soon, hoping that service is better that night.

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