Simple Appetizer Recipes for Summer Cookouts

by TT Editors | June 6th, 2016 | Appetizers, Recipes

You’ve gotten the invite for the cookout. . .but it’s a spur of the moment barbecue. Or perhaps you have a full day of hopping from event to event before you arrive at the cookout. These simple appetizer recipes will have you ready for the party (with food in hand) in no time.

These 5-ingredient baked treats are perfect for a cookout- they are delicious, savory, hand-held treats that pair well with a cold beverage. Just a little mixing and 10 minutes of baking, and you have a snack to share. Get the recipe here.

Hot afternoons call for cool appetizers. These cream cheese squares can be made with as few as two (2!) ingredients and are served with crackers. We like to think of them as little bites of yum. Get the recipe here.

This appetizer does require 45 minutes of roasting, but that’s the most difficult part of the recipe. Place all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor, and your baba ghanoush is ready. This dip is delectable and pairs well with pita bread, carrots, and celery. Get the recipe here

We know. It’s summer, and you don’t think about hot appetizers. However, this espinaca dip breaks that rule because (1) it’s simple to make and (2) everyone adores it. Make a batch, and watch it disappear. Get the recipe here

Want to turn your tray of cheese and crackers into something more exciting? Make a batch of these brandied dates to serve as a garnish. The sweetness of the dates will add a nice contrast to the saltiness of the cheese. Just be sure to mark them as, “Adults only”. Get the recipe here.

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