Snacking with Sweet Potatoes

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 16th, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Sweet potatoes, they aren’t just for dinner.
Use one of these recipes to make them into a delicious snack!

appetizers made with sweet potatoes

This week is all about my love affair with sweet potatoes. Much to the eye rolling of my family, even when it comes to the majority of my snacking, I like to eat in a healthy way. That’s where sweet potatoes often come into play. Today I have three great ways to eat sweet potatoes as a snack. All are healthy-ish, but each offers its own flavor profile.

Sweet Potato Melts– Maybe you want a little sweet and savory with a whole bunch of cheesy goodness. These melts are just the dish to give you all of that in one simple recipe.

Leek & Pepper Bruschetta– Are you looking for a snack that is all about savory flavors? This is the one for you. From the gentle bite of leek to the earthy notes of red peppers, this appetizer is all about its pungent notes.

PB&J Sweet Potatoes– Perhaps you were thinking about something that’s a bit more sweet? While not sweet enough to be a dessert the peanut butter and strawberry topping will satisfy a little bit of a sugar craving.

No matter which sweet potato snack you choose, you’re bound to have a delicious, healthy-ish appetizer that pleases!

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