Strawberries for Dipping

by Elizabeth Skipper | May 20th, 2015 | Chef Recipe, Recipes

dipped strawberry (400x400)It seems like cheating to call this a recipe, but I’ve never come across a better way to serve strawberries that’s different, elegant, delicious, and so little work. This idea first came to my attention when I was in cooking school, and it seemed bizarre at the time. The Blue Strawbery Cookbook was written by James Haller, a self-taught cook who just threw things together with popular, if extremely rich, results. (Yes, that spelling is correct; the author’s restaurant was in Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. That’s the “olde” way of spelling it.) I was astonished at how he went about cooking, as I was learning ratios and techniques, the complete opposite of his approach.

This is how Mr. Haller served strawberries for dessert, but they’re marvelous any time.

The only thing I can add is that crème fraîche would also be good in place of the sour cream. At the time this cookbook was written, such a thing was rarely to be found in the US.




Strawberries for Dipping


  1. Strawberries
  2. Sour cream
  3. Dark or light brown sugar
  1. Wash and carefully dry the amount of strawberries needed. Better have plenty, as these disappear fast. Leave the hulls on to use as handles.
  2. Put out separate bowls of sour cream and brown sugar alongside a platter of the strawberries. Arrange them artistically for maximum effect.
  3. One at a time, diners dip a berry first about halfway into the sour cream, and then into the brown sugar.
  4. Pop into your mouth quickly before the sugar begins to melt into the sour cream.
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