Sunday Brunch

by Louise | March 23rd, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

My family enjoys taking the occasional Sunday to enjoy a brunch buffet. There are several factors involved in choosing the ideal brunch: variety, atmosphere, quality, and cost. What makes a brunch worth its cost?

In Nashua, NH, Michael Timothy’s Urban Bistro can quickly reduce the weight of your wallet at $21.00 for adults. (Luckily, if you plan to attend with a young family, kids under 12 get in for $9.00.) Also, you won’t be able to find every breakfast dish you can imagine. Nevertheless, the two others factors pull their weight. Of all of the brunches I have attended, I feel that Michael Timothy’s has the best quality food and atmosphere. Each dish is prepared well enough so that while you savor each bite, you forget about the slightly small selection. The desserts are flawless and presented in small portions so I can always taste more than one. Every Sunday, this restaurant provides live jazz, which complements the delicious meal.

Also in Nashua, you might want to try the Speaker’s Corner Restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The vast selection of breakfast/lunch foods makes this brunch buffet worth the cost ($16.95 for adults). Even with all of the choices, the quality of the food does not suffer. Visit the chef’s signature carving station, or have an omelet made to order. Both options are excellent.

In Merrimack, your wallet will suffer a bit less at The Common Man ($13.99). Though service isn’t a huge part of a brunch with a buffet table setting, it definitely is a weakness I came across here. I found myself waiting on a glass of orange juice that I passed twice on my way to the buffet. As the hallways are a bit cramped, it becomes dangerous to pass a server or another diner with a full plate. Other than that, the quantity and quality is good enough to satisfy your stomach for a day (or even a little more than that).

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