Taking a Hiatus of Sorts

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | October 3rd, 2017 | Tasty Thoughts

Think Tasty and its parent company, PeKu Publications, have gone through many changes over the last few years. I downsized PeKu incrementally from 24 to 16 to 10 and so on, until it was only Think Tasty still publishing and only me writing, editing, promoting, and more. More recently I’ve spent endless hours debating what the right thing was to do with Think Tasty. It’s my baby, my passion project. Time spent in the kitchen, or thinking about being in the kitchen, really engages my brain. Even doing the dishes after creating new recipes is enjoyable; it’s the culmination of my work.

However, I do wear another hat, running the education programs for a venture capital firm. As I drove last week for some meetings out of state, I took time to think about what was next. Think Tasty does make a profit, although it’s nothing I could consider to be substantial. Meanwhile my education work has the opportunity to expand, and it seems like I need to focus on that.

What does that mean for Think Tasty and me? I’m not going to shut Think Tasty down. Rather I’m going to republish favorite recipes from the archives twice a week. I’ve also promised myself that I will save a block of time during the week to work on recipes. If something seems really good, I might remake and photograph it to share online. Or I might just share it with friends. Either way I still will spend time in the kitchen outside of the normal meal prep times.

While I’m sad that I haven’t gotten Think Tasty to some point of great celebration, I am excited to see how much I can grow my other role. I do enjoy working with founders, coaching them and helping them reach new heights.

Although I won’t be posting on a regular basis, know that I’ll still be thinking about all sorts of tasty new recipes and probably creating a few.

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