Thanksgiving for This Turkey Advice!

by James Maynard | November 22nd, 2013 | Video

briningFor most Americans, Thanksgiving means turkey on the table. But, many people are afraid of roasting a turkey. It is easy to dry it out during preparation. A dry turkey is one of the classic bad moves of Thanksgiving cooking. One way of keeping your bird juicy is to brine it ahead of time. A turkey is not a particularly difficult dish to prepare when you know how to do it right. Brining your bird will add taste and help prevent contamination. Watch this video before you prepare your bird to learn ingredients and techniques for this procedure. Preparing your turkey with brine is simply delicious!

  1. […] This video gives you a quick demonstration of brining a turkey. You’ll notice that there are several extra ingredients in the brine (including bourbon) and that the importance of having the water at a low enough temperature is stressed. We’ll also talk about these points a little further along. […]

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