The Dubai Fish Hut Serves Local Fish at Low Cost

by Jane Wangersky | September 3rd, 2015 | Restaurant Destination

fish dinner (400x400)The name of the Dubai Fish Hut says it all. (That’s not always true of restaurant names; I once ate at a café that had the word “poor” in its name but turned out to be fairly expensive.) This is an unpretentious place with prices to match, and it’s all about seafood.

From the street, you see the sign reading Fish Hut Restaurant in English and Arabic, and a mostly glass front wall decorated with fish silhouettes. Inside are simple wooden tables and a display case of freshly caught local fish.

The menu, which is, helpfully, posted online in English, is a mix of local products and global tastes. Prices are in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham); as of this writing, these are about 27¢U.S. each, to give you an idea.

Appetizers start with plenty of deep fried breaded stuff (including baby corn — has anyone even thought of that in the States?), but also grilled fish tikka, somewhat like kebabs from India. All appetizers are 18 or 20 AED.

If you’d like to begin your meal with something healthier, there’s a selection of salads from 15 to 20 AED, mostly familiar ones like Waldorf and Caesar (with grilled shrimp — this is the Fish Hut, after all).

At the lower end of the scale for main dishes, we have two Indian style entrees in mappas (coconut curry sauce), squid for 25 AED and prawns for 30. At the other end is grilled lobster (your choice of Lime & Thyme, Rosemary, Mint & Spinach, Creole, or Red Spicy seasoning) for 165 AED. In between are many other seafood dishes in a range of prices. One option is simply to order your choice of fish (Hamour, Kofer, Sea bream,Red Snapper, Pomfret) with your choice of seasoning, to be butterflied and charcoal grilled. This is priced by weight and can run from 60 to 100 AED per kilo.

Reviews at TripAdvisor are mostly excellent, with none below average. Some suggest that shellfish may not be exactly the specialty of the house, but maybe that’s to be expected in the Middle East.

Side dishes are mostly Indian and Arab bread — in other countries, bread might be free, but here it’s only 2 AED — though you can also get plain and seafood rice. Soft drinks and bottled water, very important in this region, are also 2 AED. There are also several fruit juices and shakes (in some unexpected flavors, like avocado) for 12 AED. Desserts consist of fruit salad, ice cream in several flavors, and fruit salad with ice cream, and they’re all 15 AED.

The Fish Hut’s address is Street 8, Oud Meta, near Ismaili Center and Lamcy Plaza. It’s open every day from 11:45 AM to a quarter past midnight.

Editor’s Note: This would be a great place for a family meal if you are visiting Dubai on a budget, and here is a suggestion for a great family hotel to check out.

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