The Final Touch – Wedding Candy Buffet

by Editorial Team | May 24th, 2017 | Cooking Basics

We all want our wedding to be breathtakingly beautiful and tastefully unique. A lovely wedding candy buffet is both of those things. There are many ways to create a candy buffet that complements your style. So, how do we begin? We will show you.


You will need a supplier that sells bulk candy wholesale. He will help you with the selection for beauty and taste. To get an estimate of how much candy you will need, figure 8-ounces of candy per guests. You will keep your color choices to (no more than) 3. Different hues of the same color are fine. Pick a theme and your candy bags. After that, keep in mind the location of the party (if it is on the beach in August, chocolate is probably not a good choice. Choose clear glass vases with mouths large enough to get a small scoop or ladle in, and choose candy that is easy to pick up with the scoops (or tongs in some cases). If you have specially printed candy with Mr & MRS on them, place them in trays on the front of the table.

Table covering

The bottom covering should be white with the top covering in wedding colors. If your wedding gown is colored, you can just stay with white. You can also use beaded lace or sequin lace that will match the wedding dress. Ask your professional bridal gown supplier what the lace is called so you can order it online. Your party bags (which are provided for guests) should be printed with your names and maybe the date, or a graphic that will speak “wedding”. Display those on the front of the table.

Wedding candy buffets are easy to make. If you need help getting started, click here for step-by-step instructions.

The Honeymoon
Stuff your pockets with candy, grab some sunscreen and flip-flops and head to the ultimate honeymoon in Hawaii. You may think you cannot afford the wedding and an extravagant honeymoon. But, there is a way. There are fantastic tours and honeymoon packages available in Hawaii. These tours can show you the history of ancient Hawaii as well as World War II. Take a helicopter ride to Hawaii’s only live volcano. Swim with the dolphins and go snorkeling to see beautiful sea life. Let the guide show you hidden waterfalls and hidden beaches. Walk the trails of the bamboo forest, or use the bike trails especially cut through the lush forest. Only a true Hawaiian knows where everything is. Get in on the fun with them.

Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visit the black (or pink)sand beaches for a unique experience. The waves are great for surfing and there are always people swimming in the warm tropical waters.

Drink champagne at sundown from your hotel balcony. Hawaii is one of the world’s most romantic places. Enjoy a couples massage from your luxury honeymoon suit.

While you are there, there is plenty of shopping to do, shows to see. Attend a luau and experience the true culture of the native people. Find the beaches that the Hawaiian Royalty played and relaxed on. Enjoy the taste of authentic Hawaiian food and rare tropical fruit, grown on Hawaiian plantations.

You will see tropical birds, rare butterflies and maybe a sea turtle or dolphin or two. There are several animals there that are protected as endangered species. The variety of wildlife and marine life are unbeatable. Hawaii is a honeymooners paradise.

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