The Phoenix Well

by Louise | March 8th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

I recently enjoyed the experience of eating at The Well, one of the two restaurants that make up the Phoenix House and Well. It is the “downstairs” restaurant, while The Phoenix Room is the “upstairs” restaurant. Of the two, the Room is geared to be a fine dining experience.phoenix house and well

After a day of skiing on the slopes of Sunday River, my stomach was rumbling for some substance. I had heard about a special offer available at The Well: all-you-can-eat pasta for just $5. Having never been there before, I was expecting some mediocre pasta. After all, the cost was only five dollars! I was in for a surprise.

The offer involved two different types of pastas and four different types of sauces. I also received a sizable, well-made Caesar salad. For the pasta, I started off with Penne Alfredo. I must admit that the service took longer than I thought should be necessary for a plate of pasta. Luckily enough, The Well offers a gaming room to spend time in, and also some live music. Unfortunately, there was no live music being played while I was dining, so I cannot comment on that subject.

I eventually received my dish, and proceeded to devour it. I moved on, ordering a Linguini Vodka Fra Diavolo. Although I had come looking for quantity rather than quality, I was pleasantly surprised by both dishes. Though the Bolognese and Pesto variations were quite tempting, I had had my share for the evening. In addition to having a great selection of foods, that come at acceptable prices, there is an extensive selection of beverages, wines, and beers that is sure to please anyone.

The Phoenix House and Well is located just off the slopes of Sunday River Ski Resort, a few miles from Bethel, Maine. It offers an unmatched view of the mountain. I look forward to my next time dining there. Perhaps I will give The Phoenix Room a try.

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