To Die For Dips

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | February 16th, 2011 | Tasty Thoughts

I love attending the Boston Wine Expo.  The obvious reason may seem to be that there are thousands of varieties of wine to sample.  While sampling a few wines is nice, the reason I love attending is the people and companies I discover there.  From innovative chefs to interesting foods, there is much to learn.  One of the great discoveries I made this year was To Die For Dips.  This dip is delicious and has an amazing story behind it.

I met with Margaret Hammill, founder and owner of To Die For Dips on a recent winter morning at the company headquarters in Concord, Massachusetts.  Margaret has always enjoyed cooking, especially snack sort of foods.  As a customer at a local wine shop, she became friendly with the owners and would talk about food and wine with them.  One week the owner made a suggestion that has since changed Margaret’s life, “Make some dips, and we’ll sell them.”

Not surprisingly, the dips sold quickly.  One other shop asked to start selling the dips, and To Die For Dips was born.  Working full-time in a corporate job, Margaret spent her weekends making dips for the two stores.  After two years working in a small space, it was time for expansion.  Margaret moved her production to Verrill Farm.  From there she continued to work independently on Saturdays  filling orders for her growing list of customers.

As her customer list grew, Margaret needed to find a bigger space.  Three and a half years ago she moved to her current location on Beharrell Street.  For the first six months she continued to work on her own.  In January 2008, Margaret asked her sister Kathy to join her and become her production manager.  Since then, her staff has continued to grow to a team of six that assist in the production and marketing of the dips.

These dips come in a variety of flavors and are quite delicious.  (My family can attest to the truth of this, as we were graced with some samples.  They were devoured quite quickly.)  There are over twenty-five different varieties of To Die For Dips, some of which are seasonal. Each container is made from scratch and packed by hand.  Made with fresh, quality ingredients, the dips are made and shipped the same week.

Even though To Die For Dips has an assortment of varieties, there are favorites.  Some of the most popular are Smoked Salmon & Dill, Cheddar & Blue Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Gouda, and Red Pepper Jelly with Pecans.  Served with pita chips, crackers, or veggies, they make a tasty appetizer. (My personal favorite is the Blue Cheese, Dates, & Pecans on a graham cracker- the perfect salty/sweet combination.)

What is amazing about To Die For Dips is not only the amazing product that they create, but also how it came to be.  One small request to produce some dip for selling, and a company was born.  Granted it has been years of hard work, often with Margaret working two jobs, but now it is a successful business that produces a fabulous dip.  Currently, you can find these dips at select stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Delaware.  Click here to find a store near you.

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