Vegetarian Easter Recipes

by Editorial Team | April 17th, 2014 | Techniques, Tools, and Tips

egg_white_quicheEaster and spring in general is all about fresh vegetables and new beginnings so don’t forget to celebrate veg in all its glory in between all the ham and chocolate eggs. If you are hosting a dinner party for friends or family this Easter, cater to vegetarian palettes in glorious style and try your hand at some of these tasty veggie dishes.


Casserole is a great veggie option at dinner this Easter since it has so much potential. You can create many tasty casserole combinations from delicious three-cheese bakes to zingy Mediterranean dishes. The mix of peppers, onions and spices really packs a punch in spicy casseroles while cheesy casseroles lend a gorgeous, creamy texture and compliment the flavours in artichokes, asparagus and mushrooms but to name a few possible ingredients You may wish to add diced Quorn sausage or another meat-free offering to your veggie casserole too.


In keeping with the Easter egg theme, a hearty, filling omelette is sure to go down a treat. Whether you cook them plain or with some delicious veggie combinations, they are so simple to make and are suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner so these can work whenever you choose to host an Easter get together. Pair mozzarella with mushrooms and tomatoes or opt for asparagus and courgettes for a springtime flavour.

Veggie fajitas

The star attraction of fajitas has always been the burst of flavours found in the sumptuous mix of vegetables and strong sauces, so put all the best flavours on show and serve up a handful of these meat-free treats. These are so easy to prepare since you can have the tortilla wraps readily prepared from the store. All that’s left is to quickly roast or fry your chosen veg and make a simple homemade sauce for the filling. Depending on the preference of your guests, you may wish to make your fajita filling spicy or mild. A cream cheese and chive sauce filling will suit milder tastes while a tangy blend of cumin and garlic infused with lime juice will appease much stronger taste buds.

As for the diced or stripped meat alternative, serve with either tofu, soy sausage or soy ham. Better still, check with your local deli or supermarket to see if they sell any other meatless options.

If you’re planning a smorgasbord of meat and veggie dishes this Easter, make sure your kitchen is well equipped for it. The cookware retailers at Viners house a wide selection of roasting tins and dishes to ensure every recipe – from the crisp spring veg to the main meat dishes – can be catered for this season.

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