Wedding Cake Ideas and Trends That You Should Know

by Editorial Team | October 26th, 2017 | Cooking Basics

A wedding without a wedding cake cannot be complete.  As a matter of fact, a cake comes at the climax of the reception party which signifies how crucial it is. Therefore, every couple is looking forward to having the best cake imaginable. The kind of a cake that will draw every guest close to take a selfie and salivate for a bite. But where can one get the best cake advise? If you browse wedding cakes vendors, you will be amazed by the numerous great ideas that they have, Further, the shared wedding cake ideas and trends below will offer help.

Metallic Cakes
As people get more innovative, wedding cakes can get inspiration from almost anything imaginable. Today, metallic themed cakes are trending in the most high-end weddings. According to wedding planners, the silvery or golden designed cake sets can get along well with almost any theme a couple chooses.

If anyone has been keen, nothing comes out better on a white background than a gold or silver embroidery done by a cake designer with great experience. While going for this cake, it is advisable to choose the cake designer well to avoid any mess on the embroidery.

White on White Designs
Any person who loves classy but simple looks like me will go for the white on white designs. The white cakes in weddings have been there all through. Their styles will never lose their style in many people’s tastes. If you wonder whether a white cake without any other color is good or not, then you need to have a look at them when done by experts. They include the use of flower cascades, embroideries or quilting on the fondant to give the desired pattern or theme. Just like the metallic options, the white on white designs will fit on any theme of wedding cakes.

Printed Wedding Cakes
Printed cake designs give you access to any design of your choice. Whether you love a football team, a certain item or any design, printing can come up with anything that you desire to be on the face of your cake. If not, you can ask your designer to come up with anything from the popular marble designs to the authentic designs created by the computer. The printed option is costly and involves a lot of prowess and therefore, should not be left to any designer.

Laced Wedding Cakes
Laced wedding cakes are usually the best design to compliment the lace wedding gown for the brides who love matching themes. According to wedding experts, most couples are going after these designs to make their wedding look classy and well though. An experienced baker will be in a position to come up with various lace designs which are usually white rather than any other color.

For most brides, the best detail to be included on their cake is the one matching with the gown. This adds elegance to the whole wedding.

Apart from these popular and trending wedding designs, there are others as shared on various publications all over. Choosing one of the above will definitely add value to your upcoming wedding.

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