Welcome to Friday!

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | May 5th, 2017 | Finally Friday

Actually, it should be, “Welcome to Finally Friday!” That’s the name of the new column I am adding, as I work on transforming Think Tasty, adding even more of my voice to this website. While looking for ways to make this site heartier, I debated my options. Obviously, I could add more recipes, but time constraints just don’t allow me to cook much more than I currently do. What I decided was to share more of me- foods that I’m making at home but that haven’t made it to the recipe column, restaurants I have enjoyed, fun things I am doing.

Friday seemed like the perfect day for this. Like most people I am excited for the weekend. Not that I haven’t liked my jobs, but there’s also great joy in time away, even in the startup world where I know I’ll need to work a little bit. So, it’s finally Friday and time to give you a peek into my past week.

Things I cooked:

  • Last Sunday was a lazy day at home, working on some DIY projects and reading. To make it a deliciously indulgent day I gave this Cheesy Pull-Apart Pesto Bread a try. I used homemade pesto (because, of course) and went a bit heavier on the cheese. It was absolutely amazing.
  • For Tapas Monday (moved to Tuesday this week) we had a Thanksgiving in May menu. Two of the recipes were a hit with my husband, and three were perfect for me. I plan to refine and share them later this month.

Places I ate:

  • With gorgeous weather last Saturday I wanted to be near the ocean, so my husband and I drove to Ogunquit, Maine, on the advice of a good friend. We walked Marginal Way and then had ocean-side seats at Jackie’s Too for lunch and cocktails. The mussels were delicious and served with lovely, warm bread.
  • I traveled to Troy, New York, for my other role as a dean at the Wasabi Ventures Academy. I started my work there with a lunch meeting at the Whistling Kettle. Not only does it have an inviting atmosphere, they also have a very yummy caesar salad. My lunch partner’s panini looked good also.
  • After a day of driving and meetings, I decided to stay in the hotel for dinner and was able to try a restaurant that’s been on my radar for some time- Muddaddy Flats. I had the Kyle Quesadilla delivered to me, thanks to GrubHub, and had a quiet and delicious evening in. I am 100% certain that I will be eating more quesadillas in my Troy travels.
  • I returned home in time to participate in Hippo de Taco in downtown Manchester. The lines were long, and my husband, daughter, and I were pretty hungry. We got to sample the tacos at Fratello’s but decided to stop our journey there and just order dinner. The Fratello’s taco was delicious. The combination of chicken, feta, veggies, and more was perfect!

Things I did:

  • I’m not a really crafty person, but I try. Last Sunday I built 2 DIY earring holders. I’ve been working on different storage solutions since we downsized in the fall. Until now I’ve been holding all of my earrings in one container, which was a mess. Now I have them hanging on two different organizers that I made in less than 30 minutes and for under $5.00.
  • Although I workout six days a week, I’m not a runner. I’ve never entered any sort of race. Since people ask me if I run, I decided I should give it a try. I’m pretty pleased to announce that today I ran my first 5k. It wasn’t an official race, just me out on the roads, keeping track of my time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll enter a race one of these days.

If you read all the way to the end, thanks! Here’s to Friday and the start of the weekend. For me it’ll be all about the Kentucky Derby. I’m sure I’ll have stories and a pic or two for next week.

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