What Nobody Told You about Food Poisoning Claims

by Editorial Team | July 19th, 2018 | Cooking Basics

If you travel, either alone, with friend or with your family, the package holiday is an alluring idea. If your idea of a holiday is a relaxing getaway with no pressures or responsibilities, the convenience and cost of an all-inclusive holiday is incredibly appealing.

Unfortunately though, eating and drinking only in one place can make you vulnerable to every holiday maker’s nightmare: food poisoning! No one wants to waste their holiday hiding away in the hotel room thanks to a side helping of E coli or Salmonella. Those who fall victim to unsanitary food practices are justifiably angry and usually wish to make a claim for holiday sickness against their package tour operator, however, recently, many have been made to feel unsure or worried about taking forward a claim after a Liverpool couple were jailed for fraud.

Genuine and honest people though, need not worry about complaining or making a claim if they have suffered food poisoning on holiday. Your Legal Friend, a UK solicitors who deal with these cases note that a genuine, law society accredited law firm will not take on cases that could be fraudulent, and adhere to strict vetting processes. So by checking the credentials of the firm you contact to make your claim, it can help you get some genuine advice. Other things to watch out for are:

1. People on holiday who try to talk you into making a claim: these people know that if one person falls ill on the package holiday, they won’t be alone in it if the hotel is to blame. However, trying to convince people to make a fraudulent claim is wrong and can lead to you getting in trouble in the long run.
2. Claims management companies who give our dodgy advice: CMCs have been known to tell holiday makers to lie about their illness, falsify evidence or exaggerate their claims. A proper solicitor should give you correct advice on making a claim, and whether you have a claim to make.
3. That you have actually had food poisoning. Dehydration and excessive booze can also give you the symptoms of food poisoning, best to be sure by taking a test with a local doctor or with your own GP when you return home

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