3 Ways to Make a Healthy Fruit Parfait

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | July 3rd, 2020 | Recipe Collection, Recipes

Craving dessert but eating healthy? Give one of these three fruit parfaits a try.

3 different parfaits with fruit and yogurt

You know what I like best about parfaits? It’s actually a tie.
Thing I like 1A- I like how they look so pretty in their serving dishes. You see layers of delicious ingredients waiting for you to dig in with your spoon.
Thing I like 1B- I like all of the different options you have when building a parfait.

Now comes the tricky part- figuring out which of these three you’ll make first!

Apple Parfait– I typically think of this recipe as my fall parfait. Having lived in New Hampshire, that’s when you go to the orchards for fresh off the tree apples. However, I’m pretty sure apples from the produce department will be just fine.

Vanilla Blueberry Pie Parfait– Craving a piece of blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream? This could be the healthy way to satisfy the craving. It’s so much better for you but also just as delicious. Top it with sprinkles, and it feels like a party.

Healthy & Sweet Blackberry Parfait– While this parfait is sweet, because it’s made with blackberries, it’s a bit more tart than the blueberry version. For those of you whose palates lean toward savory, this is the parfait you’ll want.

Pick the recipe that suits you best, and get ready for the tastiest, healthy dessert you’ve had recently.

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