6 Recipes to Kickstart Your Vegetarian Cooking

by TT Editors | April 11th, 2016 | Recipes, Vegetarian

To get your vegetarian cooking skills started, we begin with two appetizers. First, we have broccoli meatballs, which truly are an oxymoron. Get the recipe here.

Our second appetizer can play double duty as a main dish. Served with ketchup or another dipping sauce, these lentil cakes are hearty and healthy. Get the recipe here.

Moving onto the soup course, we also have two options. The first is a creamy, yet lowfat, carrot soup- full of color and flavor. Get the recipe here.

Our second soup is perfect for those who adore legumes. Filled with veggies and a hint of wine, this lentil soup is a delightful way to warm up. Get the recipe here.

Our final pair consists of two main dishes. For those who like lasagna but want to reduce the calories, this summer squash lasagna is the perfect choice. Get the recipe here.

Finally, for those who think tofu is bland (and those who know it isn’t), these buffalo tofu bites are sure to win you over. Spicy and crunchy, they’ll have you seeking some bleu cheese dressing. Get the recipe here.

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