Friday Flashback- Back to School Party

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | August 14th, 2015 | Friday Flashback

rsz_maple_oatmeal_sconeSince we started this week with a recipe for Bourbon Sugar, I figured we should continue with that brunch-ish sort of theme.  A back to school party is sure to include kids, making this the perfect time of day. For those with little ones, they can be home before naptime begins. For non-morning people, it can be held late enough so that they can be bright-eyed before they arrive.

So, you already have a pot of coffee on the menu to go with that delicious sugar. What else would you put on the menu? Fresh fruit in a salad or as an appetizer tray can’t go wrong. You also probably want a nice balance of savory and sweet. To get you started I have one suggestion for each.

To please your sweet tooth, a plate of scones is sure to do the trick. All four of my kids enjoy chocolate, so these chocolate chip scones have always been a hit. If semi-sweet chocolate isn’t your thing, you can replace it with a mix of blueberries and white chocolate chips. You also can use cinnamon chips (if you can find them). Sprinkled with sugar and served warm, they are a delightful treat for your party.

Now that you have something sweet, you need something savory. Standing at the stove and scrambling eggs or making to order omelets isn’t fun at a party. However, making your own mini-quiches will provide not only something to eat but also a way to entertain the crowd. Have the egg mixture and an assortment of fillings ready, and your guests can create their own muffin-sized, crustless quiches.

Your food ideas are ready. Get those invites in the mail!

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