Friday Flashback- Melons

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | September 18th, 2015 | Friday Flashback

watermelonWrapping up melon week at Think Tasty, we reviewed the archives for melon recipes and made an interesting discovery- we haven’t written too much about melons. When we searched for honeydew, there were zero (0!) recipes. There were a few cantaloupe and a few watermelon recipes, but that was it. So, apparently it was good that we dedicated this week to melons.

Both of my choices are watermelon recipes. To me that fruit embodies the essence of summer.

Looking to do something with your watermelon besides eat it off the rind? Why not make it into a crunchy and refreshing salad? This watermelon and celery salad is simple to make and full of flavor. Bring it to a cookout and watch it disappear.

If you’re thinking about a beverage for that same cookout, this watermelon punch could be perfect. It makes a big batch and is full of bright flavors. Serve it as is to the kids. For the adults a splash of vodka will give it a nice kick.

I thought these two were perfect for holding onto the feel of summer as autumn approaches. Make them soon before you start craving the warmth of a soup or a stew!


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