How To Plan A Last-Minute NYE Party In 6 Steps

by Editorial Team | November 23rd, 2022 | Cooking Basics

New Year’s Eve is one the most celebrated times of the year, and throwing a party is almost a must. It’s the one night of the year that almost everyone is looking for an excuse to get out and party. Planning a party can be tough though and requires a good amount of lead time, something you may not have. If you’re running short on time, here is how to plan the best last-minute NYE party in just 6 steps.

  1. Decide The Kind Of Party First

There are many different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and if you’re short on time, try considering a dinner party. There are so many amazing places to consider for a New Year’s Eve dinner in Melbourne. Finding a venue in the city with a view of the river is your best bet to having a great time celebrating the new year. Any view of the river will mean you get an amazing view of the fireworks and festivities for the new year. Not only will you enjoy a wonderful dinner, but you’ll also see all the sights while you enjoy it. 

  1. Work Out A Theme

A great NYE party is all about the theme of the party, it’s how you make memories. Everyone loves dressing up and finding the perfect costume. Before moving through any potential planning steps, work out what you want the party theme to be. Even if you choose not to make it a costume party, the theme is necessary for all your decorations. You’ll need some time to get your hands on the decorations so decide your theme nice and early.

  1. Get The Invite Organised

A party at the last minute can’t be a party if no one knows about it. The easiest and simplest way to get the invitations out for your party is by group message or creating an event on social media. Most people have notifications on, meaning they’ll instantly receive the invite and be able to let you know if they can attend. Make sure you include any themes, things you like guests to bring and the key details like start time on the invite. This is a crucial step to planning the party, afterwards, you’ll be able to more accurately plan for food and drinks.

  1. Get Your Food And Drinks

When you’re planning an NYE party one of the last things you want to do on the day of the party is buy food and drinks. Shopping centres and bottle shops will be absolutely swamped on New Year’s Eve. Do yourself a favour and save the headache, do your shopping a day or two before the party. Use the numbers provided on the RSVPs to your invite to work out how much food and drinks you’ll need. A simple way to feed a lot of people is by having a barbecue. You can get a bunch of sausages, burgers and salads that will surely be enough to feed even a large guest list. 

  1. Get Chairs And Eskies

No party planning is complete without thinking through where your guests will sit and how they will keep their drinks cool. It’s highly unlikely you’ll have enough fridge space for everyone’s drinks, get yourself plenty of eskies or at least things you can store drinks in. Think washing baskets, tubs or other deep containers that can be filled with ice. The other forgotten item in good party planning is seating. If you’re a normal person, you probably don’t have seating for a party full of people at your house. Do the ring around and ask friends or family if they have seats you can borrow. At a pinch, you can ask friends to bring a chair with them.

  1. Countdown Timer

Arguably the most important part of any NYE party plan is the countdown timer. You’ll need a plan for watching the clock countdown to midnight, otherwise what are the guests there for? You can have the TV or radio broadcast on, or for a more exciting end to the year, get a big digital clock to have outside. No matter what option you go for, don’t forget to plan for the countdown and the celebrations at midnight for the new year.


New Year’s Eve is a time for optimism and celebration of what lies ahead. Throwing the perfect party is the best way to welcome the new year. For the top 6 tips on how to plan a last-minute NYE party, use this guide now.

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