Miracle Fruit Pills for Taste Tripping

by Editorial Team | April 24th, 2020 | Cooking Basics

Flavor tripping’ or ‘taste tripping’ aren’t terms that you come across on a daily basis. The miracle berry, native to West Africa, is capable of making sour foods taste sweeter. Since it is now widely available in dried form and as pills, people have started holding taste tripping partiesat their places during which, you take the berry or the pill, swirl it around in your mouth and taste a variety of regular but odd foods. 

Before you think about how safe these parties might be, West African natives have been consuming this berry for years and haven’t had any issues with it so far. 

How Do They Work? The Science Behind Miracle Berries 

The Synsepalum Dulcificum bush grows the miracle berry which is mostly seed. The flesh of this berry tastes like a tone-downed version of raspberry and its nutritional value is almost similar to that of a blueberry. 

The berry contains a glycoprotein named miraculin which gives the berry its name and attaches to your tongue as you chew it. Miraculin gets activated due to a change in the pH level of your mouth–that is when you taste something sour or bitter. Your brain temporarily identifies sour and bitter flavors as sweet due to this. 

Taste Tripping Parties: Your Options 

You have three options to choose from if you’re looking to host a taste tripping party of your own: 
● Fresh berries: If you live in West Africa or somewhere where these berries are produced, it’ll be easy for you to get your hands on them. However, this may not be the case for most people  
● Freeze-dried berries: If you can find them, these are the next best thing after the fresh berries 
● Miracle fruit pills: These can be a hit or a miss depending on the brand, which is why I encourage you to go through miracle berry tablet reviews before your taste tripping party for the best results. 

Miracle Fruit Pills for Taste Tripping

Most people use miracle fruit pills for taste tripping as they’re readily available and you can get them off the internet–you don’t have to check Craigslist to see if you can find them. However, do ensure the ones that you choose are of high-quality so that you can enjoy the taste-altering effects. 

How to eat the pills

Going in, most people don’t realize that there is a specific way of eating the miracle berry pills in order to enjoy this flavorful trip. This is the number one reason why people are unable to feel the effects.
1. You need to cleanse your palate before putting the berry in your mouth by drinking a glass of water.
2. In order to work as intended, the miracle fruit pills need to coat your mouth so, you don’t want to swallow it quickly. Take your time as you chew the berry and hold it in your mouth for a while–even swish it around to make sure it gets to every crevice. 
3. Ensure the juice coats your entire mouth 
4. Within a few minutes, the berry will start showing its effect 

Ranking the Foods: What Knocks Your Socks off (and What Doesn’t?)

Here, we will go through some foods that you must try if you’re trying miracle pills for flavor tripping. 

Foods You MUST Try 

Miracle berry pills work best with sour, acidic foods. So, you must have the following foods in your platter: 
● Goldenberries 
● Salt and vinegar chips 
● All types of vinegar 
● Limes and lemons
● Grapefruit 

According to one user account, lime actually tastes like a very sweet lemonade when you’re under the influence of the berry! You can read more about it here

Foods You Should Have on Your Platter 

These foods won’t have you screaming “whoa!” but are still worth having around: 
● Cranberries 
● Green apples
● Kiwis 
● Goat cheese 
● Tabasco sauce 
● Guinness
● Unripe strawberries
● Sour dill pickles
● Cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar

Things You’ll Probably Find Disappointing

These foods don’t really taste very different than they usually do–you’ll only some minor changes here and there and may probably be disappointed. But, you can still give them a try: 
● Dark chocolate
● Blue cheese
● Kimchi
● Ginger
● Regular dill pickles
● Olives
● Carrots
● Grapes

You’ll have to do a taste test yourself to figure out the rest!

In Conclusion

Taste tripping is an unforgettable experience- especially if it is your first time. There is a variety of foods you can try while feeling like your whole life has been a lie! Try going for sour and acidic food items for the best results!

Miracle fruit pills, however, aren’t just for fun. They also have been linked to having several health benefits- they increase appetite patients undergoing chemotherapy, help safeguard people from insulin resistance and more.

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