Recipe: Chocolate Graham Bears

by Jane Wangersky | November 12th, 2015 | Desserts, Recipes

bear snacksThe thought of creating a snack recipe for Teddy Bear Day made me slightly nervous at first — I figured the only snacks that would do would be cake pops and other elaborate teatime stuff that I’d be no good at making. I wondered if I could get away with a “snack” made of nuts, berries, and maybe some other stuff real bears eat . . . like maybe raw salmon? No, maybe not.

However, I did have a little experience helping to make, not so much food that looked artistic, as art that was good to eat. While homeschooling my son, I had found the best way to get him interested in art was to make it out of edible materials. So he’d made an autumn scene of leafless trees with pretzel sticks for branches and a mini candy pumpkin on the ground, a fish tank full of blue jello and gummy fish, a turkey with a sandwich cookie and candy corn tail . . . As you can see, it’s important to start with materials that already have the right color and shape.

We’d never made a bear, but on Pinterest I found this. So simple you can see how to make it just by looking at it, and it actually does look like a bear. Of course, I’d want to make mine with more festive, less good-for-you ingredients. So I picked up some chocolate-covered graham crackers and started getting creative with them and some stuff I had around the house.

It took some trial and error to find the best way to stick the decorations to the crackers. The only decorative icing I had was blue, and while that’s fine for eye dots — even if bears don’t normally have blue eyes — but it didn’t work for sticking on paws and such. Then I thought of the most bearish ingredient of all: Honey. This works beautifully, spreading into a thin coating that’s almost invisible but really sticky.

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Chocolate Graham Bears

Yields 1
An easy, fun snack


  1. 2 chocolate-covered graham crackers
  2. 1 slice banana
  3. 6 chocolate chips (or white chocolate)
  4. Stars or other cake decorations
  5. Honey
  1. Dip a blunt knife in the honey — just a thin film is enough.
  2. Spread the honey on the flat side of the graham crackers.
  3. Starting with two chocolate chips on the upper corners, place chips, bananas, and other decorations to create a face. (I used stars with a pinpoint of icing for the eyes.)
  4. For the body, put a chip in each corner. Decorate the rest however you like.
  5. Put together to serve.
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