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by Louise | July 15th, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Ice cream truly is a favorite, especially for New Englanders. I’ve heard we consume more ice cream per capita than any other part of the country. It’s really hard to say which ice cream is the best. What’s better, Massachusetts ice cream or New Hampshire ice cream? Honestly, I don’t think anyone can tell you that besides your own taste buds. I can, however, recommend a friendly, favorite ice cream stand: The Big One (located in Nashua, New Hampshire).

There’s one special order at The Big One; it’s called, you guessed it, the Big One. This is an enormous serving of soft serve. Until today, I thought it was a legend. I heard that it was so big it couldn’t fit through the front window, and a manager had to be present upon its order to make sure the customer was serious.

Today, my friends and I dared to share a Big One. As the friendly worker took our order she added, “You do know how big it is, right?” That scared us a bit, but we couldn’t be stopped. Though it did make it through the window (handed to us by a manager), I was not at all disappointed. We were served the ice cream on a cone (I believe that piling ice cream onto such a cone in such huge quantities much be a well-learned skill), but immediately transferred it to a large soda cup. I am proud to say that we finished the Big One, but I couldn’t have done it alone. I’m pretty sure you can’t get that much soft serve at a better price. (Getting a Big One costs $5.)

In addition to standard vanilla and chocolate soft serve, there are 41 hard ice cream flavors available. The Big One orders their ice cream from Richardson’s Ice Cream. The business is family-run, and the atmosphere is great. For more information, visit this site.

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