Review: The Georgia House, Laurel, Delaware

by TK | September 10th, 2008 | Tasty Thoughts

Scattered throughout the United States are local restaurants that take a different tact on their menu. One of the great things for me is going to these local haunts and trying things that you don’t normally find on every menu. One such place that I went to recently with my parents was The Georgia House Restaurant in Laurel, Delaware.

The restaurant is quaintly situated on the banks of a river and has a large deck for people that choose to enjoy the outdoor feel. Considering we were visiting during the remnants of Hurricane Hanna, we decided to eat in the simple but fresh dining room.

As previously mentioned, the one characteristic that really stood out about The Georgia House was its menu. A vast menu that covered everything from sandwiches to entrees, seafood to pastas, there was an item for almost every taste. On the entrée side they had a whopping 19 sides dish choices! Things like strawberry cantaloupe salad and baked pineapple were next to favorites like french fries and coleslaw. Besides the sides another unique twist was that there were two bread basket choices to go with your meal. We went the “Augusta Bread Basket”, which was a generous portion of homemade sweet potato biscuits, corn pone, and coconut-banana muffins with the first being our favorite.

My parents and I chose Savannah Fish & Chips, Miss Vicky’s Meatloaf, and Country Fried Steak. All of the meals were well presented, and I would classify them as filling, but not exceptional. I love the fact that a small local restaurant in an out of the way place in America had such a varied and aggressive menu. But sadly, I found the execution a little lacking.

In a bright spot to end the meal, I chose a Peach Bread Pudding off of the desert menu (which also had 12 items to choose from) and thought it was wonderful.

The prices were very modest and the service was friendly, so if you are ever in rural Delaware, I think The Georgia House is worth a shot. It will not amaze you with taste, but the varied and creative meal is probably worth your time.

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