Review: The Lobster Boat, West Yarmouth, MA

by TK | September 2nd, 2008 | Restaurant Reviews

Growing up in Maryland, I spent a great deal of time on the Eastern Shore.  And when I think of my time at the beach areas of Ocean City, Rehobeth, or Bethany Beach, the one thing that comes to mind is the assortment of seafood houses.  These are restaurants that specialize in fried seafood of every kind.  Scallops, oysters, fish, and crabs dishes are all available in big portions and almost always fried.  Throw in a smattering of corn on the cob, french fries, and coleslaw, and you have the complete menu at most seafood houses.  I am a huge seafood fan (although my allergies have stymied this love), and a heaping plate of a fried array of seafare screams loving to me.  So, on our recent vacation to Cape Cod, I was excited for the thought of an evening meal at a local seafood house.

The Lobster Boat in West Yarmouth was the choice of our extended group.  The setting of The Lobster Boat has all of the attributes of a great seafood house (i.e. on the water, simple decor, and the exterior is shaped like a boat), unfortunately the food fell far short.  Our party of 10 ordered an array of dishes: lobsters, clam chowder, and fish and chips to name a few.  The lobsters looked small, the fish and chips was a small portion (although described as “heaping” in the menu), and the clam chowder was light on clams.  Throw in service that was lackluster and ambivalent and you have a recipe for a weak seafood house.

Our $200 bill left me feeling hollow and hungry for the seafood houses of the Eastern Shore.  Cape Cod must also have great places to get seafood, my advice is to let The Lobster Boat keep sailing on by.

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