Review: The Open Door Cafe, Bel Air, MD

by Michele Pesula Kuegler | November 25th, 2009 | Restaurant Reviews

open door cafeSometimes good things do come in pairs.  Two weekends in a row, my husband and I were traveling out of state.  For both weekends, we enjoyed nice weather, great company, and terrific breakfasts.  The first breakfast was had in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at S&S Restaurant.

The following weekend we traveled to Maryland and spent Saturday morning in Harford County.  With two of our kids for company, we were seeking a breakfast restaurant with a decent menu.  As neither of us were familiar with good breakfast restaurants in the area, we were at the mercy of my Internet searches.

And search I did.  While I am sure there is nothing wrong with the Waffle House, I like going to more unique restaurants, places that have homemade specialties and decent coffee.  After trying different keywords on search engines and different restaurant review sites, I stumbled across The Open Door Café.

Arriving a little after nine, we were the third party in line for a table.  However, seating was done quickly, and we soon we were taken to our table.  Our waiter arrived promptly and took our drink orders.  After he left, we began to peruse. . .the walls.  Yes, we were hungry, but the decor of this café was amazing.  Not only were the walls tastefully decorated with beautiful pieces of art for sale, but also the walls had beautiful murals painted on them.

After soaking in some of the beauty, we turned our attention to the menu.  While making our decisions, our waiter arrived with our drinks: coffee, juice, and two hot chocolates.  While these may sound like simple breakfast beverages, the cocoa is worth describing.  Served in a large mug, topped with whipped cream and colored sprinkles, it would have been too pretty to drink, except that it was quite rich and tasty.  Both my husband and son devoured these drinks!

Both of the kids ordered the pancake platter.  The nice thing about this meal was that the kids could choose between one and three pancakes and the type of meat each wanted.  Our daughter opted for two pancakes and bacon, while our son ordered three pancakes and sausage.  Both enjoyed the pancakes and thought that they had a nice flavor and consistency.

I ordered the French toast platter with sausage.  The French toast was made perfectly.  The bread had absorbed lots of egg (and maybe vanilla?) but was cooked thoroughly, so as not to be mushy or wet.  The sausage links were thicker than typical breakfast sausage and had a decent amount of fseasoning.

My husband ordered the spinach and brie omelet that came with home fries and wheat toast.  The omelet was puffy and filled with lots of spinach and brie.  The home fries were well seasoned and hot, the only way they should be served.  Between this meal and a portion of my French toast, he was quite satisfied with his breakfast.

Although we aren’t in Bel Air for breakfast that often, I am sure it will be the place we choose for dining when we are there next.

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