What Do You Need for a Perfect Beef Roast?

by Editorial Team | August 14th, 2021 | Cooking Basics

Few dishes can compete with the aroma and flavour of perfectly roasted beef. Roast beef almost always takes centre stage when it comes to a grand dining experience, be it a formal event or a backyard barbeque.

Australian roast beef is filling and delectable at the same time. You can find out more about this supremely popular and delicious dish on sites like https://www.australianbeef.com.au/. You can do so much with it and amaze your guests every time with a wide range of permutations and combinations while roasting beef.

Here are some of the things you need to consider while making the perfect beef roast every time.

1.The Right Cut

The right cut of meat is extremely crucial when it comes to making the perfect roast. The most popular cuts are chuck roast cut, brisket cut, round roast cut, and rib eye. The rule is that the more the meat is roasted, the more flavourful it becomes and gives you the perfect texture.

The best cuts are found around the animal’s shoulders, belly, hips, and chest. The heat slowly melts the fat and moistens the beef from within. This is why beef is often slow-cooked in a grill or even for hours so that by the time they are done, they are ready to fall off the bone and create frenzy on your taste buds.

2.The Right Rub

The right rub is crucial for making your beef more flavourful and aromatic, and it can greatly enhance the taste of your meat. Rubs can be of two types- dry and wet. The dry rub is a mix of finely ground spices rubbed and patted over the beef, while the wet rub is also similar, it is more of a paste with water or olive oil added to the spices.

The spices and ingredients that you rub on the meat can give you very different aromas and tastes, making your beef taste unique every single time. The best rubs are made from a combination of spices like cayenne, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, black pepper, kosher salt, chilli powder, paprika, thyme, and oregano, among others. You can increase or decrease the spice proportions to suit your tastes.

While dry rubs are mostly meant for BBQs, wet rubs go well with roast beef.

3.The Perfect Grill or Oven

Roast beef can be made in an open grill or an oven. Cooking on an open grill can dry out the meat, so you need to keep it moist by brushing the meat with oil or butter from time to time. However, this results in a crisp crust over the meat while it is soft and pink inside.

Oven cooking is also great and allows for more uniform cooking. So if you want just to put the meat on the heat source and forget all about it until it is done, this is a great option and perfect for serving many guests. They are also great for making pot roasts.

Choose a grill or oven that allows you to cook over low heat for at least two to three hours for the perfect roast.

To round things up, you need a great side dish to be served with the roast. Mashed potatoes and gravy are a crowd favourite, and there are other options like avocado salad and coleslaw.

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